Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TA - DA! Here he is!

A great philosopher once said....

Hey everybody. Sorry we have been silent for so long - it just takes a while to get adjusted to everything. Anyway, we wanted to share a couple of photos of the little one with everybody. Hope to post again soon. Enjoy. :D
- J

Just a cute picture :P
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's a Boy!

Sean was born on January 16th at 11:14 a.m. He weighted 8lbs. 13.8 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.

I just wanted to give a super-quick update. I'll work on uploading some pictures and some of the birth story tomorrow.

We are all home from the hospital and doing well. Sean is a happy baby and doing great. We are all still exhausted. I need a lot of help, relatively, so I think Josh is a bit more worn out than most new fathers. He is making sure I take it easy and don't do too much; he is such a wonderful husband. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Next Day

Whew! What a night! I guess I didn't fully realize how everything would happen. First a mix up at the registration desk - nothing major, just a new nurse ;) Then you get all hooked up to a baby heart monitor, a contraction monitor, and an IV. Then MORE waiting. The redeeming value here is two-fold: 1) we are having the baby soon 2) we get to listen to the baby's heartbeat constantly.
All through the night, nurses in and out, checking things, looking things over, adjusting things, asking Mary to roll over or whatever - roughly ever half hour, which does not make for a good night's sleep. But, on the bright side, the nurse who was taking care of us was really great. She was nice and listened to us when we needed something and was always offering to help in any way she could - truly makes things a lot nicer and easier.
Fun times ahead! :D -J

Thursday, January 15, 2009

On the Eve of Being a Daddy

Well, here we are, the day before we have the baby (most likely) - YEAH! For the past week, we have been on pins and needles - waiting, hoping, expecting - eagerly anticipating the new arrival. Not really knowing when or how was probably the thing that made it so difficult to wait. At our last doctor visit this morning, we decided that it would be better to not wait any longer. So we got scheduled to come in to the hospital and have an induction tomorrow morning - which means we are having the baby soon - no more waiting.
This is what we have been praying for, waiting for. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us and waiting with us - your support has been great. We will let you know soon - Boy? or Girl?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We went in today for the first Non-Stress Test. It was easy enough; I sat there with two monitors on my belly. I had one good contraction while on the monitor and the baby did fine with it. The baby’s heartbeat was around a baseline of 120 and would usually increase to 145 or so when it moved. The midwife said the baby seemed good!

She also checked me. She estimated that I’m around 50% effaced and 1cm dilated. She said she could feel the baby’s head, so she thought it had moved down a little to -3 station. Progress!! Not huge progress, but progress, and that is very encouraging.

I'll see the doctor on Thursday for another NST, unless I'm having the baby, of course.

I can be a little patient knowing that I am getting closer to holding the baby! I'm so excited!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

And Still Pregnant

Thanks to everyone for wishing the baby would not be past its due date. I hoped it would not either. Alas, it was just not the right time.
The baby didn't know it was "due" yesterday. It is still just hanging out doing what it does. Unfortunately, I know it was due yesterday and I am anxious for it to be born.

I think the baby may be prevented from dropping by nature of the way I sit. I think it could still drop on its own, but it is simply difficult because I can't spend a couple hours at a time walking or some of the other things that can help my pelvis open up to give the baby the space to move down. Medical professionals don't really know what causes labor to start, but I would venture to guess that gravity helps things get ready and move along and that is why walking is highly & commonly recommended. I have been trying to change my positions and "wiggle my hips" to help things shift, to do what I can do. But I can't spend two hours doing that like you can if you go walking at the mall. Maybe my wiggling will help anyway?

I'm trying to keep up a good attitude. If pre-labor signs progress I will have an easier time going about the daily routine while we wait. But if everything just stays the same and I still just have an uncomfortably huge belly... that is depressing. So long as the baby is doing well, being "late" is not a problem. An absence of problems is good. I just have to remember that.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Week 39 - getting closer!

We are currently two days away from the baby's estimated due date.

"Wow, so close!" I think to myself.

I went to the doctor today and I'm going to share a few details that you might not want to know if you aren't into having babies, so feel free to skip to the last paragraph.

The doctor checked me and said that the cervix is softening but not effaced or dilated. He said there is plenty of amniotic fluid. The baby is still floating, not yet engaged. The doctor is anxious that the baby has still not dropped, but he wants to wait and let things progress naturally. He said he is on-call this weekend and that he would be happy to get a call from me with news that I'm labor. :)

I have been having some Braxton-Hicks contractions that tend to linger longer than than before. They have not been consistent and are taking their time in moving things along.

Janelle may have been past her due date by two weeks, give or take a few days, with her first child, but the doctor does not feel comfortable letting me more than about a week past my due date. If I haven't had the baby yet, they will do a non-stress test on Tuesday to make sure the baby and the placenta are still both in good shape.

The due date is Saturday, so I'm just hoping that is when it will be born. I'm telling myself and the baby that it is time to get ready for labor and start having contractions. I hoping that with enough mental motivation, prayer, and the nudge from the moon, we'll have a healthy baby born this weekend.

Here's hoping!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I got a job almost two months ago. I was nervous about interviewing and being obviously pregnant, hoping that they didn't hold that against me. Luckily, with the help of always being seated and some wise clothing choices, only one person was the wiser. It was quite amusing when I told my supervisor at the end of my first day that I was expecting in two months. She was taken aback, and then asked if I was planning on coming back to work. :) The last full-time person in my position left after having a baby, so I understand her concern.

I am blessed that I work with people who are so happy and excited about children - they don't hold it against me that I'm leaving just when I'm getting the hang of things. :)

Most of my job thus far has been trying to figure out how things have been done and then trying to come up with a better way. The last person who was doing my job was only able to work about 10 hours a week - so I have a lot of room to make improvements.

The weather these last few days has been cold, icy and snowy. The morning it was icing I called front desk and asked one of the girls to come out to my car as I got out. With the solid ice that was coming down, I didn't want to take the chance of my chair slipping and me falling - so not worth it! When leaving work one of the other girls volunteered to walk out with me to make sure I got in the car without incident. As we got to the parking lot I saw another co-worker who was scraping the ice and snow off my car. How sweet are they!

I'm still pregnant

I'm trying to remind myself of what I enjoy about it before it is over. I am also very excited to have the baby... here is what I have so far.

Reasons I'm glad I'm still pregnant:
1. The baby is still growing, increasing the chances that it will be healthy and fully developed when it is born
2. I can feel the baby move in my belly. When I first started feeling it move it was a rather weird sensation - cool, but weird. Now I enjoy it so much I think I will miss it.
3. I can carry the baby with me in such an efficient manner. Josh and I still only use two seats in the car.
4. I can't see all that many stretch marks - I think they are hidden from my sight south of the belly button latitudinal line.

Reasons I'm looking forward to having the baby and the end of this pregnancy:
1. I want to see what he or she looks like!
2. We'll know if it is a boy or a girl! And it will have a name!!
3. I'll get to hold the baby in my arms and watch it sleep.
4. I'll get to lay on my back! Even if my sleep is interrupted by cries every few hours, I will enjoy being able to change positions easier.
5. I'll be able to see past my belly button, though I'm not sure I'll like what I find... I can feel the stretch marks even though I can't see them now.
6. My belly will be "squishy" again. It won't prevent me from leaning forward when I eat.
7. I'll lose some weight! I just hope that I will feel up to moving myself around.
8. The swelling in my feet will go down. It started getting bad about the time I thought the baby had dropped (it was just teasing me, by the way). If I don't put shoes on right away in the morning, getting them on at all is a lost cause. I put on a extra layer of super thick slipper socks and go with that.

As you can see, I'm more interested in having the baby than staying pregnant right now, but all indications are that the baby is not ready for the outside world yet.