Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Rosary...

Since Paul was born, I have been trying to be more prayerful. The first week we had Paul at home,  I prayed a Rosary almost every day. In the mornings when Mary and Paul were ready to get up, I would take Paul and pace around the house praying. Sean would follow me around sometimes with his Rosary in hand. The past two weeks I haven't been as good at saying a daily Rosary, but I would get one in here and there.

Today, after lunch Paul was kind of upset and didn't want to nurse. Mary asked me to walk him a little. As soon as I started walking with him, Sean says "Daddy, need your Rosary." It wasn't a question. He went and got my Rosary from my room and gave it to me. I have to admit that I really wasn't feeling like praying a Rosary right at that moment, but I did, and I feel better somehow. I wasn't feeling bad beforehand, but I do feel better.

It is amazing the power of prayer, and even more so are the ways that God reminds us. I never would have imagined my two year old being the one to remind me of the power of prayer!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Going to the fair...

Ah, the fair, what fun!

This boy just can't hold still.

Look... Bunnies!


Tractors are awesome.

Dad, you are weird!

More Summer Fun

Sean and Paul having a good time some morning.

We boys trying a bottle.

Fire. Fire. Yeah, fire! Well, just the pit.

Mama and Paul lounging.

I got it! I got it!