Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I don't like you!

This week Sean's regular sitter is on vacation and we found other people to watch him - his godmother one day and my cousin the other days.

Today when I picked him up, my cousin's wife, Anna, brought Sean out to me right away.

"He's be so upset today. When he looks at Jesse he puckers his lip and starts to cry. So I'm bringing him out to you to get him happy."

Then she goes back in the house and brings the rest of his gear to my car. And sit with Sean and get him to smile. And he was hungry, so I fed him.

Anna and I chatted while I fed him. She said:

"I guess Jesse hasn't been home when Sean was here before. I didn't think about that. Jesse got home early today and took Sean for me. He got scared and started all-out crying. I took him outside to get him to calm down."

I laugh. Silly boy!

"When I took him back in Sean would look over at Jesse, pucker out that lip and wimper. I kept telling him, 'Quit looking at him!'"

I guess Sean is used to men with beards. Sorry Jesse!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Take What You Get

Here are some photos of Sean.

I was inspired by the PW's style of using lots of pictures and few words.
I was out with Sean at a restaurant last night. It was a beautiful day and we sat outside for a while until the sun went down.

Once inside, I glanced over the menu and had a friend put in my order. Clam chowder. It was not my usual, but quite delicious.

Some older women were in a booth nearby called out to me:

"You have such a cute baby."

"And he is such a good baby. He is so quiet."

"There was another baby in here earlier, and she was not quiet."
It was nice to receive a compliment.

Shortly after the two women left, Sean got tired. And fussy. And loud.

You take what you can get, right?

Roll Over!

This week Sean rolled over from back to belly. Now he can roll both directions.

What a cutie! I'm biased. I know.