Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SV - Day Three

OK. OK. I forgot to post last night, or rather, we were up late and I just didn't get around to it. OK, so yesterday was the first day to the beach, and you saw some pictures there. Then we all took long afternoon naps - the hot sun and waves really took it out of everyone. After dinner, Disney had a pirate party and we all got dressed up and went down for the fun. All of the boys, and some of us adults got pirate bandannas, eye patches, and even some tattoos (don't worry, they were the rub on kind). Once we were all pirated out, there were fireworks. Sean absolutely loved the fireworks. With a little prompting, he would say "boom" with me when the fireworks would explode. It was really cool.

I know that you want to see pictures, but the connection here has slowed down a lot for some reason, and it is not uploading the pictures. Sorry, I guess you will have to wait until we get home to see all of the fun pics we got.

But don't worry, the important thing is that everyone is having fun. Sean is really turning into a water bug - he loves it.

Talk soon. -J

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SV - Pictures!!

OK, like I promised, here are some pictures from out vacation so far. Nothing fancy or special, just some things from driving, last night, and a few from today at the beach.

Here is the happy little family, just chilling at the beach - if you can say that you chill at a beach, I thought it was kind of hot. ;)
Here is Janelle and Mary with the 5 boys. Man did they have fun digging in the sand. At one point, I dug a hole as deep as my arm is long and the boys thought that was cool.
I am not sure about this one. It is either after dinner last night, or after breakfast today. Either way, Sean just loves hanging out with his cousins. And I have no idea what they were looking at - Tim?
And of course, here is Sean, sleeping in the car yesterday during our last stretch of driving. I can only hope that the trip home goes just as well.

I guess that is all for now. I hope that everyone is enjoying the day by day action of our vacation like we are. See you all soon - J


Some of the best pictures are of Sean in the bathtub!

That pointy tongue -this one is my favorite!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

SV - Day Two

What a wonderful day. Just a few short hours of driving, and of course, Sean realized that it was just better to sleep - in fact, I think he was only awake about 45 minutes during our not quite 4 hour drive. Oh well, we made to the island just fine.
It was going to be a couple of hours before we could get into our rooms, so we took a short tour of the island with Mary's aunt and uncle (who we owe this trip to - Thank you so much!), played on the playground near by for a bit, then their room came available, so we relaxed inside until our rooms came available. It was quite a nice, easy paced afternoon.
Once settle into the room, though, it was non-stop fun. Of course Sean has to check out anything and everything that is new to him, which is cool. Then we got dressed for the pool (lot's of sunscreen here) and headed down. I was hoping to really cool off in the water, but I forgot that it had spent all day warming up in the sun. Even though it was a little warm for my liking it was still very nice, and with the breeze blowing, who could ask for more.
After swimming, it was time to grill out for dinner. Chicken and corn on the cob. Here we had another first, up until now, Sean had only eaten the corn cut off the cob, but he really wanted it on tonight, so we let him have it. Now, we didn't think to give him the fat end, and gave him the skinny end instead. Sean, eating the only way he knew how, bit off the end and started chewing away. We tried to get him to spit out the cob, but he was just loving it. So we made sure he chewed real well and got it all down OK - they say it is good to have fiber in your diet, right? We had a little more time for Sean to play with his cousins and then it was time to go back to our room and say good night.

What a great day, and I can't wait for tomorrow. Hopefully we will post some pictures tomorrow, of trip and Sean swimming, and who knows what else. Bye for now. -J


The other night, we had a friend over for dinner, and for some reason, Sean started acting a little funny. After we sat down for dinner, Sean just made this face (see picture) whenever he wanted something to eat. Never before has he acted this way, and we haven't seen it again, but man was it hilarious.
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Vacation - Day One

Today was the first day of our first vacation with our son. A lot of firsts today. We drove about 500 miles in just under 7 hours and still have about 4 hours to go tomorrow - CRAZY, but hopefully worth it in the end. Sean did OK? in the car. It was a long trip for him to be strapped into his car seat - he is, in general, a very active boy. The first section of the trip took about 2.5 hours - no problem, he took a nap. Part two, close to three hours, not so good. He wanted to play and was getting tired of the few toys that were available to him. Sorry about your luck, son, but we have got to keep going. Part three was pretty good, he played a little, ate a little, and even slept a little before we got to Spartanburg, SC for our one night stay.
Seven hours in a car is a very long time, even for Mary and I. So we got changed and headed to the pool, for a short relaxing swim - it was very nice. Now it is time for bed, and we need to rest up for another exciting day tomorrow.
Good night, and I will post again soon.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Sleepover

I have been chastised recently for inconsistently posting on the blog. I apologize and will make an attempt to "catch up" and then stay more up to date. Josh may help fill in the blanks since he has time off this summer - yay! (I am jealous).

Around Memorial Day, Sean had a friend over for a sleepover! Luckily, Simon is also his cousin so they can be friends for life! Simon is great with Sean - having his own little brother helps him know what to do with a little guy!

They had lots of fun together. I missed a good shot of them playing together one. By the time I thought to grab the camera Josh and Simon sat down for a movie. Not to be left out, Sean climbed up on the couch to sit by Simon.