Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Toofers!!

Holy Moly!! Sean is just over four months old, and he is growing so, so, so fast, it is just unbelievable. So far our little guy has rolled over, is starting to sit up, can stick his tongue out and make farty noises, and then last night POP! A tiny, little toofer (that's tooth for non-baby readers) poked through on the bottom. We were so excited, it was really neat to see his little toofer, and of course, I warned Mary to look out whenever she fed him. The little guy can't have just one, and sure enough by this afternoon he had another toofer poking out right next to the first. The little guy is just growing so fast! I can hardly believe it, but he is something special. Just wanted to let everyone know about his two toofers! Talk to you later. -J

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Josh!!!

I love you.  You are the most wonderful husband I could imagine.  You are such a good father and husband.  I cannot complain one bit.  

Everyone else is starting to realize how wonderful you are, too.  Not only are you the only one in your internship class who got an job interview, you have interviewed with 3 schools so far.   One school thought you were so great (I could have told them, but they didn't ask me), they offered you a job.  And another school really thinks you are something special, too - they asked you to come for a second interview.  They really like you.  I think they might even fight over you!!  Ha ha! 

Wow.  You are popular.  Congratulations, my dear! 

Happy Birthday, Josh!  I love you.


I enjoy reading blog posts very much.  I really do.  It has become something of an addiction.  But I excuse it because how long does it really take to read a post?  Not that long.  And I'm keeping up with the lives of people I know.  Well, most of the blogs I read are written by people I know.  Some of them are pure strangers.  But they let me share in their lives by putting their stories out there in cyberspace and I feel like I've gotten to know them.  Who knows, maybe they feel the same way about me?   

Probably not.  But who's counting?


 It is so much more difficult to keep my blog updated than to read a post.  I want to, and I often think of ideas to write about.  And then it just doesn't happen.  It doesn't get written.  The words just swim around in my head getting dizzy.  I'm rather busy at work these days, which makes for a week that seems to fly by.  And I struggle to get the essential chores done before it is time to go to bed.   And the words of the blog post go to dreamland with me.

 So what am I trying to say?  Well, that all of you who can find the time to write, I will read it!  And I'm sorry to you who want to read mine and are continually disappointed that my posts are so infrequent.  I'll try to do better.  But I'm not making promises. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

I hope all the mom's out there had a very Happy Mother's Day.  We planned to.  It didn't work out quite like I'd hoped.  

Saturday night we had dinner with Josh's family.  It was a nice meal we bought from the Legion.  For dessert, Josh's mom made a scrumptious pineapple upside down cake that she is working on to enter in the fair.  Yum, yum.  It was awfully sweet of her to make it, since it was for Mother's Day and all - and she even made it from scratch!  

It was a very nice night.  

Then Sunday, my first official Mama's Day with Sean, the scratchy throat and sniffle in my nose I had Saturday decided it wanted to be a full-fledged cold.  And poor little Sean got it, too.  So our plans to visit mom's and grandmom's went out the door while we sat in the recliner and tried not to use every tissue in the house all at once.

The worst part was that Sean has never been sick before, and that he got sick is all my fault.  At least, I think if I hadn't gotten sick, he would not have either.  But he was still a happy baby, and for that I am thankful.

Josh told me I should stay home Monday to rest and get better.  Boy, I'm glad he convinced me!  Yesterday was full of the same misery as Sunday.  It's the watery eyes that is the worst.  Stuffy nose or nunny nose, sure, it's annoying.  But it's the watery eyes that make me utterly worthless for anything productive.  I can feel the teard coming on, I know it is coming, and I can't stop it.  And it's not that I'm temporarily blinded by the onset of tears.  It's that the tears also aggrevate the nose, as well.  So it is the tears and the nose.

But really.  It was just a cold the way I get them.  Not that bad, just annoying.  

So this morning I know I'm not as bad as yesterday, I'm hoping that the watery eyes are done or at least mostly done.  As I'm getting my clothes out,  my phone rings.  It's the sitter.  She is sick.

So do I still go to work, when I'm still sick?  I'm on the road to getting better, but still not feeling well...  na!

So I enjoyed a second day at home.  With Sean.  There are definite perks to having a sick day!