Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2nd Appointment

We had the second appointment yesterday and everything went well. We met the doctor for the first time and he was what I thought he should be: knowledgeable, nice, and calm. He said there was no reason I shouldn't plan on a natural birth at this point. He talked about the things we should watch for during the pregnancy and precautions he would take during the labor and delivery. He mentioned all the things that I knew he should be concerned about for my specific case, and I was pleased.

We heard the baby's heartbeat with the doppler. It was fast, like people told me it would be. The doctor said that we must be doing things right because the baby is doing good! And I don't have anything extraordinary to be concerned about at this point, so I'm doing good, too!

I am feeling 10 times better than I was! For several weeks I've been telling myself and other people that my morning sickness and related repulsion of food and drink was lessening, hoping that it was true. It has slackened in the last week or so, but as of this week, it really is completely true! The thought, sight, and smell of food no longer makes me grimace, but has me eager to get a plate of my own. So maybe I'll finally start gaining some weight!