Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sean - The Next Bach?

Late on Saturday night, after Sean had his second dinner, my dad got ahold of him and brought him over to the piano. It wasn't long before Dad had him banging away on the keys - one hand anyway. Sean really seemed to enjoy it! Who knows, he might just be the next piano prodigy (certainly didn't get those genes from me)

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peek! Here I am!

We've been busy!

Sean has reached some important milestones:

By the 4th of July he learned to sit up on his own well. He was also starting to crawl. He had this way of doing "the worm" or belly flop style where he would scramble his feet forward and then flop down on his belly. He really didn't get that he could move his hands forward to keep himself up. It was quite funny. I thought it was going to be a few days of "the worm" before he figured out how to crawl normally, but he started doing it the end of June and by the middle of July would flop himself around the living room to the kitchen. It might have been the natural progression, but it also helped Sean had more space to explore after we moved into a house.

Yep, we moved into a sweet little house!

I digress.... I was talking about Sean's increased mobility.

So after we moved, the 15th of July, Sean would flop-crawl around, chewing on a shoe here and there.

Last week he would accidentally crawl in the traditional style when he wasn't trying to get anywhere. And then this week, he just crawls normally all the time. He was fast before, but he can really move quickly now!