Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Cat is out of the Bag

While Josh and I originally thought we would wait until going to the doctor to tell everyone, neither of us was all that committed to this plan. With my increasingly noticeable and annoying nausea and food aversions to spur our change of heart, we decided that we would make the pregnancy public knowledge. I was getting tired of keeping it a secret anyway.

The most memorable announcement was made to Josh's family. We arrived at his cousin's graduation party and said hello to the grad and the family that were enjoying themselves in the yard outside. We had decided to try to corner his parents to tell them first, and then let it spread around to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. His mother was inside so Josh helped me in the house to the kitchen where the family ambushed us with a lovely chorus of "Happy Birthday," as it also happened to be Josh's birthday. At the conclusion of the song, calls of "Speech! Speech!" resounded around the room. So Josh, not one to miss a prime opportunity to shock, announced in a loud happy grin, "We're having a baby!" Suddenly, there were gasps and furtive looks at me for confirmation. Some were brought to tears, and some seemed to have missed the news entirely. Josh's godmother was so intent on getting to him to give him a hug and personal birthday wish, she had to ask him again what he said when she released him from her embrace.

But there was one problem; Josh's father was not inside when Josh had dropped the bomb. Someone noticed his absence and went out to the bring him inside. As soon as Josh's dad appeared, everyone started another chorus of "Happy Birthday" and repeated the entire scenario to give Josh's dad the benefit of the same delivery of the news, except this time everyone was not shocked but looked expectantly at his dad, who didn't miss a beat and congratulated Josh and I.

Reminiscent of our wedding receiving line, the family paraded by Josh and I, hugging and congratulating us.

Later, one of Josh's uncles made the comment to me that when he and his wife had announced their pregnancies, it didn't seem to be such a big deal. I responded that it all must be in the presentation of the news.

Even though I was sure that his mom and sisters must have already suspected, only his sister-in-law and brother had made any connections. So I guess I hadn't been as obvious as I had thought.

None of our other announcements were that dramatic or memorable. The only other thing that I thought was interesting was that my sister said she was not surprised because she was expecting us to announce any day since we got married. Her husband, on the other hand, said it surprised him because he still thinks of me as the 9-year-old kid sister I was when he first started dating my sister, so obviously it would be weird for me to be pregnant.

So I'll have my first appointment next week. Until then.

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  1. Well sorry we weren't so memorable for you, but Josh's family would be hard to top! Eli is more excited you are having a baby than he was for me with Jesse I think. And I'm pumped that I get to hold a newborn again without all the work of growing it!! Good times!