Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1st Appointment

We had our first appointment today and everything went well. The only thing that I am mildly concerned about is that they do not have a scale to weigh me. So I'll do some research to find out if it is really all that important to keep track of, and also see if there may be a semi-convenient scale that may be available to me.

Josh was looking forward to seeing the baby because he thought they did an ultrasound every appointment, but I told him they usually only do one around 20 weeks. He was disappointed when I told him this, but my sister said they could probably hear the heartbeat this time. A woman from work who is pregnant said they probably wouldn't even try for the heartbeat until the next month, so I was uncertain about whether we would even get to hear the baby, even if we didn't get to see him or her.

It turned out that everything I had heard didn't happen and Josh was right. We did have an ultrasound and got to see the baby. The midwife said she likes to do that when it is the first appointment with your first pregnancy to check the calculated due date with the baby's development. She said our baby is right on track for January 10, 2009, which is the date they had calculated.

It was awesome to see the little baby; its head, arms, and legs. Its length is 28 mm and its head is 13.8 mm. We could even see its heart beating up and down in its tiny chest. She gave us three pictures to take home. It was clearer on the monitor when she was doing it than the pictures here, but at least you can see the basic shape.

It's really there and growing!


  1. How fun! I didn't get to see our boys that early.
    I showed the pics to Eli and he thinks it's a boy. Guess we'll see.
    I'm glad things are going well with the baby and you're doing better too.

  2. This will be an adventure you will enjoy the rest of your life.