Friday, April 17, 2015

The Adventures of Paul the Mighty

This is the brief tale of Paul and his two companions - the wee Esther and the half-giant Osh. After rising early in the morning, Osh discovered that he and his companions would soon run out of food and some other provisions. It had been some time since they had journeyed into town to replenish their supplies. He spoke with Paul to see if he were up for an adventure as this would be quite a perilous and long journey on foot. Paul saw the need for the journey and agreed.

They immediately began making preparations for the journey. It was quickly realized that the wee Esther would not be able to walk herself, but through fortunate circumstance, Osh had a carrier that would work, but it needed repairs if anyone were to ride in it safely. With Paul's help, Osh was able to stitch the carrier into working order. After all necessary preparations were ready, including empty bags for carrying their goods, the friends set off on their adventure.

The first challenge they would face would be to climb the great Grey Mountain. They could have journeyed far to go around the Grey Mountain, but the trip would already be a long one, so it was the only good option. Beside time, going over the mountain allowed the companions to also cross the thundering river of metal with ease.
Paul had little difficulty climbing the Grey Mountain, though it was difficult at times to speak for the noise thundering from below on the Metal River. We stopped for a while to admire the metal flowing by down below us. It seemed as if the metal would wave to us as we looked one.

Going down the other side was even easier, and the base of the mountain opened to a meadow of bright green grass. This part of the journey was by far the easiest, though we were now even nearer to the layer of Metal Monsters! Osh kept reassuring the wee Esther and Paul the Mighty about how easy it is to avoid the metal monsters who smash people who get in their way, or to make sure they were not captured by one a taken off somewhere.

We passed through the dazzling Lights of Multicolor. There was not much harm in them, but try to pass at the wrong time and it could be your end.
It was not long after the Lights that we came to the layer of Metal Monsters! It was surrounded by a high fence. We began to pass by it quickly, until we came to a gap in the fence! Paul exclaimed "This is where they get out! They're going to get us!" We ran as fast as we could to reach the other side.

With that we made it at last to our destination K Roger's Food & Supply. Paul found rest in the cart they supplied us as we searched for our much needed provisions. The supply was easily found and we got what we needed. After loading everything up, we turned around and started for home.

Loaded down with our new supplies it seemed to take even longer, but the half-giant Osh handled the load well. Paul's excitement to be getting home could not be hidden once it came into view.
Coming even closer, Paul begin to run ahead.

Exhausted from his great adventure, Paul the Mighty collapsed on the floor of his home.
Both Paul and the we Esther relaxed while Osh, the half-giant put their new supplies away.


  1. Hilarious! Thoroughly enjoyed the re-telling of the adventure!

    1. Thanks! The whole way there I kept telling him about the adventure we were on. It was a lot of fun. The wee Esther just sat on my back saying nothing!

      Side note: 2 years since the last post on this blog!! Wow!!!