Monday, October 31, 2011

Compound Words

Sean often, very often, will call me "Momdee" or "Dadmee." Maybe I'm not spelling it correctly, but do you know what I mean? He combines "Mommy" and "Daddy" by saying about half of each word.

He calls Josh the same concoctions of mommy and daddy. He mushes both words together and makes it a compound word.

Beyond the language hiccup, does it reflect the way he understands his mother and father? Does he think of us as two halves of the same coin, the name of one is also the name of the other? It certainly is not something he has come up with from example; I don't call Josh or myself "Momdee" when talking to Sean. I try to make it a point to model proper words and grammar so that Sean will learn the correct use of language.

If it does reflect his understanding, isn't it a lesson to us? A child's parents are one. It reaffirms what God already tells us; two become one in marriage. The married couple sets the foundation for a family.

Or have I taken this too far? Is it just the imperfect language skills of a two-year-old? Maybe. But even in the little things, I think God reminds us of his plan for us. Reminds us that a husband and wife become one.


  1. I appreciate the reminder! I do believe that God gives us little things to remind us. Some of His tender mercies.

  2. Could be because he's just two, but I like your interpertation!